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benaGene Time Enough for LifeTM 

Has your "Anti-Aging" supplement been proven to increase Health Span and Lifespan? 

Ours has.  Peer-reviewed science documents benaGeneTM brand Thermally Stabilized Oxaloacetate's ability to increase lifespan 25%, p< 0.001. 

benaGene functions as a natural "Calorie Restriction Mimetic", stimulating the same life extending pathways that have been shown to increase health span and lifespan in animal tests.

Human clinical trials confirm the ability of benaGene to lower fasting blood glucose levels and increase glucose uptake by tissues (reduce insulin resistance), similar to those changes seen in calorie restriction.

benaGene is a new concept in supplements, a natural compound that turns on favorable genes to help slow aging, normalize and stabilize glucose functioning, and down-regulate the molecular pathways that create and store fat.



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The Science behind benaGeneTM

Use your drive time to catch up on the latest science on benaGene.  Topics include mimicking the calorie restricted metabolic state, modification of the NAD+/NADH ratio, and the expression of beneficial genes to acheive many of the same benefits of calorie restriction.  Email us here for your free CD.  Please put "CD Offer" in the subject line.